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Social Media in the Classroom

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Tammy Freund
Dom Garofalo


The Old Way of Job Searching is Broken

What do General Motors, CitiGroup and AGI have in common? Their businesses are broken.

They did business the old way, failing to adapt and change in a rapidly morphing environment.

In Colorado, unemployment is near 7.6 percent. Who knows how high it will go? Or will it plateau and plummet? If you’re looking for work, or thinking about it, it’s time to re-think the process.

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Focus Your To-Do List with a “Skydiving List”

To-do lists may work for some, but for others they’re an overwhelming reminder of everything yet to be done. Fed up with his to-do list, Slate’s John Dickerson suggests “blow[ing] up” the to-do list and figuratively going skydiving instead.

Dickerson explains how he upped his productivity by “turn[ing] the big project into little action items” via a three-part method. Included in his methods is a skydiving list, which he describes accordingly:

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